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Plants & Herbs
Alsace Gardens

Alsace Gardens is a MyPick verified, local, family run farm, specializing in plants and vegetables.

"My wife says farming is a hobby that got out of control," says Ron Warman. Growing up near Brampton, Ron's first job as a farm hand planted a seed: he wanted to own a farm someday.  Then, in 1989, he and his wife purchased an 1895 homestead with badly depleted soil and got to work.  Today the house is refurbished and they run two greenhouses along with 20,000 square feet of intensive raised beds nourishing multiple crops.  Following organic practices to grow nutritious, delicious produce, Ron loves working the farmers' market stall, where his peppers are a "hot" product.

Producer of:
asparagus, spinach, swiss chard, carrots, beets, beans, cucumbers, zucchini, potatoes, peas, squash, pumpkins, rhubarb, leeks, field tomatoes, plants, annuals and peppers (sweet, hot & exotic varieties including Caribbean Red, Habaneros & Indian Naga Jolakia)

Production Practices:
natural & intensive practices, soil replenishment, companion planting, crop rotation, natural fertilizer, pesticide-free


Artan Gardens


Tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, onions, garlic, basil, carrots, beets, parsley, beans, cucumbers, peppers, zucchini, potatoes, swiss chard, radish, dill, raspberries, blueberries

Flowers and medicine plants

Commanda Country Gardens

Perennial plants from around the world are tested and grown in a variety of display gardens.  Container-grown plants for sale are grown from our own collected seed, cuttings or divisions, and are guaranteed to be winter hardy.  Plants are tested for two years before we offer them for sale.  We grow plants in the north for the north.   Our passion for growing plants from seed has germinated into a full- blown catalogue of 100’s of varieties of perennials.

                We believe that organic growing is best for the environment and practice that philosophy by making our own potting mixes and fertilizers.  Our many years of experience growing perennials, and landscaping is cheerfully shared with other gardeners. 

Haili Hanselman
Harvest Moon Herb Farm

Local farm supplying fresh herbs, herb plants & value-added herb products

Marché Gauthier Market

Fresh market vegetable grower

Family owned business for over 35 years

Midlothian Valley Farm

Midlothian Valley Farm is a 7 acre organic farm in Burk's Falls. We are in our 4th year of farmning. 

Near North Locavores Inc.


The Near North Locavores is a not for profit corporation devoted to nurturing a culture of local and sustainable food production and consumption. We aim to educate communities in the Near North region on the health, social, economic,  and other benefits of  eating local food. We promote local food production through advocacy, education and infrastructure development. We strive to achieve a sustainable local food system by fostering connections between producers, consumers, and the community.


Springhill Farms

We produce flowers, fruit, vegetables and herbs on our farm.


  A Proud Member of Farmers' Markets Ontario  Click here to find out the availability of your favourite ONTARIO fruits and vegetables.


  North Bay Downtown Improvement Area

  NECO is a regional economic development organization, which invests in, and nurtures small business, and develops partnerships with private and public sectors to create and maintain jobs in our communities

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Government of Ontario  The Ontario Farmers’ Markets Strategy is working to increase the opportunity for consumers to buy local Ontario food directly from Ontario farmers at farms and farmers markets across the province.  The Ontario Farmers’ Markets Strategy is working to increase the opportunity for consumers to buy local Ontario food directly from Ontario farmers at farms and farmers markets across the province.
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